Best Salon Treatments For Fixing Dry And Damaged Hair

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Regardless of how careful you are with your tresses, damage is inevitable. Blame it on the erratic weather or poor lifestyle choice, your hair pays the ultimate price. Split ends and frizzy hair may be the reason for many anxiety driven days. Thankfully, there are many treatments offered at professional hair salons to breathe in life to damaged hair. The treatments range from deep conditioning to keratin care. Listed here are few of the tried and tested hair repair treatments to smoothen out post-summer wrecked hair.

Treatments for damaged hair

1. L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber: Every hairdresser’s favourite, the shampoo, masque and conditioner from this range works magic to restore damaged hair. The procedure of treatment begins with a primary evaluation to assess the extent of damage on a scale of one to three. Post assessment, treatment begins and you are given products to take home. These products continue to work on damaged hair and rebuild lost vitality and strength. The active ingredients from this range have a high penetration power and enter the hair shaft to target damage. The lingering protection fights and protects the hair from harsh conditions.

2. PhytoKératine Extrême: Following L’Óreal Professional Pro Fiber is the PhytoKeratine Extreme. The shampoo, masque and conditioner combination from this range repairs hair damage while the leave in conditioner protects the hair from subsequent damage. The active ingredient, keratin, is the same hair protein that is the naturally present. Keratin percolates through the hair shaft and rebuilds damaged regions. The thick shampoo is difficult to dispense, but is effective in making the hair feel and look stronger.

3. Elvive Extraordinary Oils: This range of hair protection from Elvive upholds the promise of treating damaged hair leaving you with soft manageable tresses. The hair product range includes a repairing oil based shampoo, mask and conditioner. The enlivening oils boost hair strength to target damage caused by harsh sunlight and excessive chlorine. The active ingredient includes a super blend of six oils extracted from flowers meant for repair and nourishment. The immediate effect of the healing oils is felt right after the first use. The only downside of this product is that hair tends to get greasy quickly and needs regular washing.

4. Alberto Balsam Blends Damage Repair:
Damage control is undertaken by the three step treatment of shampooing, protective conditioner followed by nourishing hair mask. As per instruction, the hair mask ought to be used weekly to maintain positive results. The avocado oil and vitamin A transforms lifeless hair to that which is alive and bouncy. If the scent of coconut is not for you, then you best avoid this range. If it doesn’t bother you then post treatment is a lingering warm scent of the summer beachy scent. The shampoo and the conditioner work effectively to lock in moisture and protect from harsh sun light.

All the above mentioned products are effective only if you supplement the treatment with a healthy lifestyle. There is no substitute to a happy, stress-free state of mind to fasten the pace of repair.