Body Scrub Treatments

What To Expect During A Body Scrub Treatment At A Day Spa?
Think of a body scrub as a facial which is not just restricted to the face. The full body is exfoliated and hydrated leaving behind skin that is flawless, healthy, soft and glowing. The creams used are oil-based and the abrasive materials are usually salts, rice bran, coffee, sugar or other hulls in essential oils. Known by exclusive names depending on the day spa, in general if the scrub is salt-based then it is known as salt scrub, sea salt scrub or salt glow.

A procedure of gentle dermal exfoliation is followed by a warm shower to wash off the exfoliated and dead skin. A scrub is different from a body massage though.

body scrub

What to expect during a body scrub?
• Unlike a massage, a body scrub takes place in a wet room with tiled floors and a drain. Similar to a body polish, the therapist will first ask you to change into disposable underwear. After which you are requested to lie facing down on special massage beds. The counters or beds are covered with a plastic sheet. At high end day spas, there are special beds with a shower in built.

• A gentle exfoliant is used to scrub the backs of the legs, foot, hand and back. The procedure is repeated on the front.

• Some therapists may be too gentle or too rough. Be vocal about your preferences and request for pressure as and when needed.

• Some spas follow the procedure of partial body coverage. In these cases when the therapist is working on the hands, you are covered chest down with a thin sheet.

• On completion, you are directed to a shower to rinse off. Rinse thoroughly otherwise you are left with tiny granules stuck on your skin.

• Avoid using any soap or shower gel after the scrub. Shower gels strip off the oil leaving dry skin behind. The whole purpose of a body scrub is to moisturise while exfoliating. Plain warm water is recommended to remove fine scrub particles while retaining the moisture.

• If the procedure is taking place on a wet table, the therapist turns on a hand shower or uses a Vichy shower to rinse off the scrub.

• After the shower, pat-dry your body. You are asked to lie down on the table for the last step: the moisturisation.

• The chosen venue of your day spa may not have a provision for showering. In such cases, warmed towels are used to wipe off the scrub.

• A body scrub as a service can be availed on its own or as the preparation step for a body wrap.

• If not the wrap, couple the scrub with a body massage. Get the scrub first because it is more invigorating and calming. Check with the spa for special combo offers before you book an appointment.

• To perform a body scrub no special license or certification is mandatory. Do your homework right and choose a day spa which is renowned for its excellent service.