How to Choose the Right Facial

How to Choose the Right Facial

Everybody loves getting a facial done. It makes your skin look great and the whole process can have a soothing effect. However, what’s not fun is choosing the right facial. The average facial menu is filled up with so many choices that it’s enough to get your head spinning. Sometimes you’re forced to wonder whether you’re even looking at a facial menu.


So, the next time you are in the process of choosing a facial, remember these key points. They should make things simpler.

The basics

The first step to simplifying the decision making process is to get your basics right. A standard or classic facial generally includes exfoliation, extraction, mask application, cleansing, and moisturising. This type of facial suits, pretty much, everyone, irrespective of the skin type.

However, what you need to watch out for here are the extractions. Extractions are generally safe. The process involves softening and opening up the pores to clean up blackheads or whiteheads. But, extractions can hurt. Plus, using an extractor can cause damage to your skin. So, make sure there are no extractors being used and if you’re too sensitive to pain, avoid the extraction process.

Also, if you have skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea, avoid steaming as it can make these conditions worse.


If you have acne, then a classic facial isn’t a good idea. The lotions used for this particular type of facial can aggravate your acne prone skin and lead to a breakout. So, when choosing a facial, look for words such as “purifying” or “clarifying” in the menu. If you find these words, then it means that the facial is suited for acne affected skin. In fact, these types of facials are meant to treat acne.

You’ll find that these facials would include the use of salicylic acid-based cleansers, lactic acid peels, and clay masks. However, some aestheticians might use a scrub. Ask them not to as it can be harsh on the skin.

Ageing Problems

If you want something to treat your wrinkles or ageing lines, then a facial that offers extra exfoliation should be ideal. These facials involve the use of enzyme based peels or glycolic acid/lactic acid peels. These peels are quite effective in eliminating the dead skin layers that cause wrinkles and pores to look more prominent.

If you have skin that is dull, you can try going for a facial that combines skin brightening agents such as kojic acid or vitamin C with a mild peel.

Avoid fancy stuff
You’ve most likely heard of facials that use all kinds of exotic ingredients. They make use of exotic ingredients to provide extra care and exfoliation for your skin. Along with these facials there are some advanced facials which provide benefits. For instance, LED facials use blue and red light to get rid of bacteria. This helps treat skin conditions such as acne and also helps stimulate collagen production. So, make sure you do some research before you opt for one of those exotic facials.