Five Facts About Polarity Therapy

Five Facts About Polarity Therapy

Energy is everywhere and surrounds us all the time. The human body’s state of health and well-being depends on the positive and negative energy levels that influence the body. Polarity therapy uses the balance and flow of energy to have a positive impact on the human body and keep it in good health.

Polarity Therapy

What is Polarity therapy?
Polarity therapy or PT is a type of therapy or treatment that is used as a form of alternative medicine. It helps to achieve, restore, and maintain good balance and distribution of energy in the human body and incorporates techniques like exercise and following a healthy diet. It was discovered by Dr. Randolph Stone who conducted investigations and studies on the use of energy in the art of healing.

PT uses two basic principles to keep the body in a healthy state:
It helps energy levels and systems to function naturally.
It allows energy to flow smoothly throughout the body without any obstacles or blocks.

Five facts about polarity therapy
Polarity therapy is usually practised by doctors or therapists who believe in alternative medicine as opposed to regular medicine to heal the body of disease and ailments. They believe that when the flow of energy in the body is obstructed or hindered or unbalanced due to factors like stress it can cause illness, pain, and disease. So PT focuses more on natural healing by channelling the smooth and uninterrupted flow of energy in the body to keep it in healthy condition.

It is a blend of alternative medicine and modern science. It uses the body’s natural process of healing as well as other healthy alternatives like regular exercise and eating a healthy diet to balance the energy levels in the body and maintain this balance constantly for good health and well-being. It also uses other therapies like meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises to calm and relax the mind, body and soul to achieve inner peace and stability.
According to PT practitioners, 70 percent of health problems arise from the most common cause – stress. Once the stress levels are reduced in the body, other problems and ailments will automatically reduce too. Stress is the main culprit for all mentally and physically related health problems and must be kept at the lowest level possible or completely eliminated altogether in order to maintain healthy and happy mind and body.

Polarity therapy works on the human energy field that is inside the body and that surrounds the body from outside. It influences the electromagnetic patterns that affect the physical, mental and emotional state of the mind and body. PT uses various healing techniques and therapeutic methods to achieve and maintain balance in the energy fields of the human body for the purpose of having good health.

PT focuses on the three main energy fields of the human body – long line currents that travel from north to south in the human body, transverse currents that travel east to west in the human body and spiral currents that originate from the navel and gradually expand outwards.