Haircuts According To Your Face Type

Haircuts According To Your Face Type

Everyone has had their share of bad haircuts, whether it was the pigtails with fringes in school, a perm in college or the forever in-and-out of fashion bob cut. Hairstyles and trends keep changing the way clothes change with every season. Don’t just blindly go for a haircut just because everyone else is getting the same thing done. Break away from the flock and first analyse what type of haircut will suit you according to your face shape and bone structure.


Determining the face type
The first step is to determine what kind of face shape you have. You can determine the shape of your face by using a ruler to measure the height and width of your forehead or brow, your jawline and cheekbones and the full length of your face from your forehead to your chin. There are basically four kinds of face shapes – oval, round, heart and square-shaped faces.

Oval face type
If the width of your brow, cheekbones and jawline are more or less equal to each other then you have an oval face like the Hollywood actress from the movie The Twilight Saga, Ashley Greene.

Round face type
If the length of your face is just as much as the width of your face but your forehead and jawline curve in at the corners then you have a round face like the Hollywood actress Charlize Theron from the movie The Italian Job.

Heart shaped face
If you have a wide forehead and a narrow jawline then you have a heart shaped face like actress Halle Berry.

Square shaped face
If the length and width of your face are equal then you have a square shaped face like actress Olivia Wilde.

So once you’ve successfully determined the shape of your face, you can move onto looking at some of the haircuts that would suit your face shape. Let’s take a look at some haircuts that are best suited for the four different shapes of faces.

Round face
If your face is round and you’re feeling bold then take the plunge and cut off those lengthy locks. Short hair looks great on a round face. You could try a gamine with short spikes similar to what actress Ginnifer Goodwin has. Super chic and sexy, you will need to have the right attitude to carry this haircut off. However don’t go for this style if you have curly hair. This cut is best suited for straight or wavy hair. If you want to keep your hair long, you could go for a shoulder length bob with a few layers like Selena Gomez.

Heart face
For short hair, try out the pixie cut like Halle Berry, shoulder length hair with bangs for medium length hair and long curly hair with layer and bangs for longer hair.

Oval face
If you want to cut your hair short, then try the angular bob cut with layers that hug the chin. For medium length hair, try a sleek shoulder hit blowout and for long hair, maybe long curls with slight layers and a sweeping fringe.

Square face
Go for the traditional bob with soft bangs for short hair, shoulder length hair with slight layers and bangs for medium length hair and straight locks with a feather cut in front with or without a fringe or bangs for longer hair.

So what are you waiting for? Find your face shape and book an appointment with your salon for your hair makeover today.