Highlights for Your Hair – Trends of the Seasons

Highlights for Your Hair:

If celebrities have taught us anything, it is that hair highlights are never out of fashion. From near invisible to chunky, cool contrasts to sun-kissed, there are endless combinations. Here are some trending hair highlights this season.


Ombré: Ombré comes from a French word. It means ‘shading’. In Ombré, you have a darker shade or hair at the top of your head that gradually tapers to a light shade at the bottom. The best people to carry off this look are those who have blonde hair. Ombré is a low maintenance highlight, which explains why it is so popular. There are many types of Ombré, so speak to your hair stylist about them.

Babylights: Babylights is one the hottest trends this season. It looks a bit like Balayage, but gives a more youthful look. Miranda Kerr is currently sporting this look. It consists of superfine highlights that mimic natural sun-kissed tones sometimes seen on kids hair. Most of the hair will retain its natural colour. The only downside is, the process is very tedious. But it will be worth it in the end.

Balayage: Balayage is actually an older fashion but it is slowly making its way back into the roster of contemporary trends. Like Ombré, Balayage is also a French word. It means to paint or sweep. It is a freehand technique. It means you don’t have to use meche or foil to create the look. After you get this look, when the sun hits your hair, it creates a natural sun-kissed, natural looking hair colour.

Slicing: Slicing is not to be confused with chopping off locks of your hair. It is a highlighting technique where you create a bolder look against the traditional weaving look. In slicing, the hair stylist takes a lock of your hair and highlights it in a foil. You can go for thinner or thicker highlights. Thicker highlights are more noticeable.

Chunky: Chunky highlights vary in depth. You can either match them with babylights or more contrasting highlights. If you have delicate features, you are better off with babylights. But if you have more expressive facial features, you are better of with more chunkier highlights. There are actually many types of chunky highlights. Please ask your hairstylist to recommend some that will fit your features.

Dip Dye: Dip dye highlights are very popular this season. In dip dye, the last few inches of the hair is highlighted. You can go with a variety of colours here. Pink, platinum blonde, turquoise, gold are some popular choices.

Bright hues: If you want to make a statement, go for bright hues. There are so many designs here and you are going to be spoiled for choices. Bright hues can take the form of rainbow highlights, bright blue strands like Katy Perry or dynamic Ombré. Red hair is also popular this season. You can go with deep reds or rose gold red.

If you not sure what highlight will suit your hair best, please ask your hair stylist to show you some samples. Use the samples to compare and contrast and then go ahead.