Makeup Products And Your Skin Type

Which Makeup Products Suit Your Skin Type?
Have you ever experienced disappointment after you ordered that perfect lipstick online, but when it arrived, it just didn’t match your skin tone? This article will help you to avoid making such mistakes when you are shopping for makeup products.

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Figure out your skin type
Most women fall under four major skin colours, i.e., fair, medium, olive and dark. This is fairly easy for you to understand by just looking at yourself in the mirror. It doesn’t end there though, these skin colours are not all the same and the same shades or products do not suit everyone from a particular skin colour. There are three undertones that can be found for each of these skin colours – Cool, Warm and Neutral. You can choose your skin undertone by checking whether the colour white or cream suits you the best. If you choose cream because white makes you look too pale then your undertone’s cool. If its white that suits you better your undertone’s warm. If both colours suit you equally, you’re lucky to have undertone that is neutral and you can use almost any shade and product.

This is the most important product as it is the base of your makeup. You should always choose a shade that suits the tone of your skin. It is worthwhile to test the foundation on your face or hand before you buy it. Most foundations bear the names of the skin tones to help you choose the best one that would suit you.

For cool skin choose a foundation with pink or blue undertones and yellow tones for warmer skin.
It is important to choose a foundation that does not make your face look greyish; this is mainly for those who have darker skin. Choosing a yellow-toned foundation would be the best option.

Well, you can’t always have that natural blushing glow on your face; this is where blush comes in. However, you should be careful when choosing a blush as you want a natural tinge of glow on your face.

For warm fair skin, the colours beige and tawny make the best fit, if you’re fair but with cool undertones, shades of rose or pink will give the best effect. If you have got medium skin tones then colours like coral, apricot or peach would look the best. Brown and copper for olive-skinned girls; burnt orange or bronze look best on warm-toned dusky beauties and shades of plum for dark-skinned girls with cool undertones.

Lip colour
Women with warmer skin tones can choose pale warm shades like champagne or go with warmer shades of red and brown. Those with cool, darker skin tones can choose rose or purple shades or they can go with the basic sheer, pink gloss. Red, beige, pink and brown look best on those with olive skin. Fair, warm skin tones can choose warm pink or red whereas those with the cooler undertones can try cool pink or purple shades.