If you’re planning a trip through the Lower North Shore of Sydney, then the chances are that you will end up passing through the stunning suburb of Chatswood. We simply love this area, so much so that even if you aren’t planning a trip, we would strongly encourage you to take one! Here are a few facts for you to mull over while we introduce you to the great range of beauty salons and hair care centres in Chatswood.

There are 22,000 lucky people that call this region their home. There are bus services, cabs and even a light rail service to take advantage of. There’s a commercial strip; filled with fashion and lifestyle outlets, retail stores and more. And best of all – there are so many salons to choose from that we think you might struggle to reach a decision.

Getting around the suburb

Is there really anything wrong with walking? Sure, it can be quicker to take a car – but you’ll miss out on the friendly locals, the appealing cafés and the iconic views. There are salons almost on every corner, many of which have taken inspiration from the history of artists that have called the region their home (such as Banjo Patterson).

The great thing about the salons in this suburb is that they are as readily available for appointments as they are affordable. Sure, there are some that might charge a little more – but we’ve found that great quality can often be worth the price tag. If you’re looking for a beauty salon on a budget however, then we’re sure that you’ll find more than a handful right here on our website.

The only thing that you’ll need to do now is take a look at the salons that we’ve featured – all of which are considered some of the most reliable and reputable according to our users. It doesn’t matter if you want great hair or a youthful complexion; the salons will take care of the hard work while you enjoy the sights and sounds that this beautiful suburban area has to offer.