Situated neatly alongside the Parramatta River is, you guessed it – Parramatta; an idyllic suburb filled with culture, history and entertainment. At Sydney’s 10 Best, we enjoy nothing more than sharing our findings relating to the most reputable hair and beauty salons in our region and this page is dedicated to the lovely suburban location of Parramatta.

So, what does this region have to offer to those of you wanting to enjoy the latest hair and beauty treatments? Well, we can safely say that it definitely isn’t short of clinics. With roughly 20,000 residents calling the suburb their home, it’s no wonder why new salons pop up all the time and we consider it our priority to keep on top of every one of them.

Travelling around the area

The great thing about this suburb is that it has steady public transport system for everyone to enjoy. You could always drive to where you wanted to be, but where’s the fun in that? Why not jump aboard the train service instead? Or you could get on a bus and enjoy the sights and sounds on your journey. You could even book a cab or Uber if you’re keen to get to your therapy as quickly as possible. There’s even a ferry service from the CBD.

The suburb is considered quite a major commercial region, so is it any wonder why so many salon owners try to establish themselves within the area? That’s great news for people like us – fans of beauty and hair salons that enjoy nothing more than finding out about the best clinics, what they have to offer and where they can be found.

Parramatta is ancient in any respect, with a culture that can be traced back 30,000 years. Back then they used seashells to comb their hair and sea salt to soften their skin (we’d assume!), but a lot has changed since then. If you’d like to enjoy a world-class therapy then there’s no better place to find a good beauty or hair salon in the suburb than on this very website.