If you’re passing through The Rocks anytime soon, boy oh boy do we have a few treats for you! First of all, this tiny (when we say tiny, we mean it) suburb in Sydney is as cultural as it is historic. There are under 1,000 people that call the region their home, so if you’re on this page – the chances are that you’re either planning to relocate, or hoping to take a trip in the near future.

So, what types of hair salons and beauty clinics can you expect to find here? Well, would it surprise you if we said that there are actually a lot more than you might expect? At Sydney’s 10 Best we strive to find a range of great beauty salons in any given area – and The Rocks is no different. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best, most affordable and most luxurious beauty clinics; all for your enjoyment.

How to get to and from this suburb

If you’re passing through then the chances are that you’ll be using the local bus service, a taxi, Uber or your own vehicle. The area is so well connected to outside regions that getting there won’t be a problem, but we have a feeling that once you arrive, you might not want to leave. Once you do get there, you’ll find plenty to see and do.

But that’s not what we’re here for is it – we want to share the most relevant information on salons in the area and you’ll find plenty to choose from. Let’s imagine for a minute that you want to undergo a hair treatment from a professional. Where will you go? How will you find your salon? Easy-peasy; we’ve put together a list of the most prominent salons in The Rocks for you to take a look at – and that’s exactly what you can do on our website.

You might choose a hair salon. You might go for a beauty centre instead. You might even go for a clinic that offers both types of service, but whatever you decide on – we’re sure that you’ll have a fantastic time in this suburb!