What To Look For In A Spa Day

What to Look for in a Spa Day

Spas started when individuals began to soak themselves in hot springs. Now the spa world has changed from that point and moved forward in a big way. There are various types of spas, treatments and a great deal of choices in finding the spa that suits you. Read on to know more about what you could look for in a spa and how you could get the best out of it.

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What does a spa offer?
Spas range from small day spas to huge, luxurious resort spas with awesome amenities. They all offer spa treatments like facials, body massage and other treatments.

Here is a list of treatments you could get at a spa:

Body massage
Body wrap
Salt glow
Waxing treatment
Pedicure and manicure

You can simply choose what you want and relax and rejuvenate yourself for an entire day at the spa.

Spa etiquette
Spas are fun with a lot of health benefits, however for people who are new to the spa, it would be an experience that can make them anxious and excited at the same time. Although there are laid back rules to be followed, a few sensible ones would help you enjoy the spa days. Here are some of them.

Arrive little early
You may need to verify your identity and payment with all the necessary documents. The spa may have facilities like sauna, steam or whirlpool baths. You could enjoy them before your actual treatment starts.

Dress code
Getting undressed is uncomfortable for many. It is not compulsory to undress. Your treatment may require exposing certain areas of your body. The therapist would usually cover the rest of your body with towels or drapes. There is absolutely no need to worry if you could get comfortable with it and go ahead with the treatment. If it’s something you would not want to do, you could choose a treatment that does not ask for undressing.

Cordial behaviour with therapist / masseuse
You can talk to the therapist during your treatment to ensure you are comfortable. You could also choose to stay quiet, in which case inform the therapist that you prefer silence. Therapists are usually co-operative. In some spas, you can tip the therapists. It is completely up to you as to how much you tip them. Some spas ask for feedback after the treatment. An honest feedback would always be helpful.

Things you carry to the spa
Most spas would provide the necessary things like soap, towels, shower accessories and other stuff. You could choose to take your own things. It is also advisable to not take kids to a spa as they are unattended while you are on treatment.

Health benefits
Spa treatments help to maintain mental and emotional balance. It has many physical wellness programs as well like body massages. There are specific treatments that are given by expert therapists when you have had minor injuries like muscle cramps or some are helpful in post-medication recovery phase.

Some benefits you could look forward to are:
Reduction in stress and anxiety
Getting positive energy
Relaxation of the body and mind