Why Should You Go To A Hair Spa?

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Due to the stress and the hectic schedules that we lead, our hair starts losing its vitality and shine. The major reasons could be attributed to the lack of care, our stressful life, pollution, and other internal and external factors. So, what can you do with your dry and dull hair? Well, pamper them and nourish them, so that they bounce back with all the liveliness. Though there are some home remedies, which can be helpful, one should try to check out a hair spa, which might give good long term benefits.

What does the hair spa entail?
When you visit a hair spa, your hair quality would be reviewed first. And, depending upon the type and texture of your hair, suitable remedies would be offered. Some of the spas also provide protein treatments for the hair. This helps in protecting and rejuvenating the hair. Given below is a step-by-step process that is followed in the hair spa:
Apply Oil: Oil is applied on the hair, and a light massage is done on the scalp. This improves the blood circulation and the hair growth.
Steam: After applying oil, a towel dipped in warm water is wrapped around the hair. These days, there are also some special steamers, which can give the necessary warmth to the hair. This helps the oil in penetrating deep inside the scalp.
Shampoo: Once the oil is applied and steaming is done, the hair is shampooed with a mild shampoo. Shampooing is done with cold or lukewarm water as the hot water can end up damaging the hair roots.
Conditioning: After the shampooing process, the hair gets a deep conditioning mask. They mix the conditioner with serum and apply them to the hair. This can penetrate into the tiny hair cuticles, and help in restoring the moisture. This mask is usually made with organic and natural ingredients. There are lots of conditioners to choose from, and one can pick depending upon one’s choice.
Rinsing: The hair is finally rinsed with warm water.
Massage: Finally, a head massage is done to improve the blood circulation. It can also help in relaxing the mind and the body.

Given below are some of the benefits of visiting a hair spa:
• Hair spa can enhance the growth of your hair.
• The spa treatment combined with therapy and shampoo can make your hair healthy.
• The mask applied to the hair strands work as a good conditioner. It can rectify some of the hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, split hair, thinning hair, and others.
• The head massage can give you relaxation, and can help in improving the blood circulation.
• Steaming can help the hair regain back some of the lost moisture.
• The exotic oils used during the treatment can be effective for thinning hair.
• The spa treatment normalises the oil secretions, caused because of sweating.
Sun damage can adversely affect your hair, and can leave it dehydrated. Also, the regular hair colouring, streaking and highlighting of the hair can make it brittle. So, for such cases, it would be good to choose a hair spa treatment, which can leave the hair soft, smooth and silky.